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We file and prosecute patent applications at the European Patent Office (EPO), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and Japan Patent Office (JPO). We also file under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 

Prosecuting European, U.S., and Japanese patent applications provides clients with strategic and cost-efficient coordination of their patent portfolio. We provide a consistent, and comprehensive prosecution strategy that maximizes patent protection and minimizes costs.

We draft and prosecute patent applications with the clients’ interests at the forefront. We have experience with litigation and invalidation proceedings that enables us to prosecute applications with an eye toward enforcement as well as against challenges.

  • Filing and prosecuting patents with the USPTO, EPO, and JPO
  • Pre-Appeal Brief and Appeal before the USPTO
  • PTAB AIA-trials before the USPTO
  • Opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO
  • Patent litigation before the UPC
  • Trademark and Design registration in Japan
  • Assisting national court litigators in infringement and invalidity proceedings
  • Patent due Diligence in transactional matters

Extension of your legal and R&D team:

We don't just provide patent services; we become an extension of your team, working towards a shared vision. To ensure the seamless protection and development of your patent assets, we propose a new approach – our integrated patent law firm, designed to work in lockstep with your in-house counsel and R&D department.

We seamlessly integrate with your team, making us an invaluable part of your legal and R&D departments. We work closely with your R&D department, attending meetings, and actively identifying patentable inventions to protect your innovations.

We'll provide tailored workshops, seminars, and educational materials to equip your teams with a deep understanding of patent rights.

We don't just serve clients; we build long-term partnerships. Our approach is based on integration, working hand-in-hand with your legal and R&D teams to immerse ourselves in your corporate culture and truly understand your unique IP needs.